4th of July Party Crafts

Make your party extra special with these 4th of July Party Crafts! We've got some fun and easy Fourth of July craft ideas for toddlers, preschoolers and school-age children.

Crafts are a wonderful party activity, kids get to create something and take it home after! However keep in mind that paint and glue has to be dry by the end of the party in order for the kids to take home their creations. So plan accordingly! Any paint/glue projects should be done at the beginning of the party. OR try some easy tricks to avoid this problem like using double sided tape or adhesive INSTEAD of glue; and pre-painting any supplies before hand.

Paper Tube Firecrackers

Paper Tube Firecrackers - A quick and easy craft - precut the shapes to make it even quicker and use double sided tape instead of glue so they are immediately ready to use (also a great decoration)
Paper Plate Noise Makers - Place popcorn or dried beans between two paper plates. Staple the plates together and have the kids decorate with paint/markers/stickers.
Paper Tube Kazoo – just paint the tube in patriotic colors and enjoy

Uncle Sam Mask
• Make this super cute Uncle Sam mask
• Make a cool cut-out version of the White House
• Get out your pocket change and some paper and make a Mini Mt. Rushmore
• Make a fireworks picture with colored Q-Tips
• Younger children will enjoy making this easy firework craft with a paper plate, paint and a marble

If are going to do a craft(s) at your party you may want to do one ahead of time to have on display so your guests know what it’s suppose to look like. The best way to do this is have one of YOUR children do it – sometimes kids don’t want to do the craft because they don’t think they can make it look like the “perfect” example that an adult made.

4th of July Party Crafts
Paper White House

4th of July Party Crafts
Mini Mt Rushmore

4th of July Party Crafts
Q Tip Fireworks

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