St Patricks Day Party Ideas

You won't need any luck with these fun St Patricks Day Party Ideas! We've got lots of fun ideas for invites, party games and activities, crafts, food and more!

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St Patrick's Day Invitations

• Get the whole family involved by coloring these FREE printable St. Patrick’s Day cards (and envelopes) and write the party details inside
• Make a flyer using our FREE St. Patrick’s Day stationery and envelopes
• Cut shamrocks from green card stock, decorate with green/gold glitter and embellishments, write the party details on top

• Print our Pot of Gold Invitation. Cut out the pot and glue the edges. Make a big gold coin, with all the party details and put inside the pot

• Use one of our FREE printable invitations

Printable St Patrick's Day Invitation
Invite 1

Printable St Patrick's Day Invitation
Invite 2

Printable St Patrick's Day Invitation
Invite 3

Make your invitations super fun by writing your name and your guests’ names with a O’ before their last name. For example: Laura O’Smith

Don’t forget to ask your guests to wear green to the party!

St. Patricks Day Invitiation Wording

Besides the traditional: “You’re invited to a St. Patrick’s Day Party” you could also use:

• “You’re in Luck… You’re invited to a St. Patrick’s Day Party”
• “It’s your lucky day… You’re invited to a St. Patrick’s Day Party”

St Patricks Day Decorations

• Kids are always excited about an impending party; get them involved in the decorations by having them color St. Patrick’s Day Coloring Pages to hang around the house. Make them look framed by putting a piece of colored construction paper behind them and hang on the walls and windows! Start doing this a few days or week before the party, it’s a really inexpensive decoration and helps to focus all that “pre-party excitement.” Use our FREE printable St. Patrick’s Day coloring pages from our sister site.
• Make clovers or little Leprechaun footprints on your side walk (or leading to a pot of gold if you have one) with this eco-friendly homemade sidewalk paint
• Make homemade Paper Ribbon Decorations to hang below windowsills, porches and the balcony, of course use green, white and gold (yellow) paper.
• Hang these easy spiral decorations made with green paint and paper plates

• Make easy Paper Plate Rainbows to hang around your party area (also a great craft to do during the party)
• Make your own horseshoes to hang around your party area by cutting horseshoe shapes from cardboard and covering with tinfoil. Glue on a couple of small shamrocks or ribbon for color! Draw your own horseshoes or use our template to trace around. Make sure you hang your horseshoes the “lucky way” with the open end up.
• Make your own table confetti with green paper and a hole punch.
• Hang lots of green and white balloons around your party area
• If you don't have a large black pot around to make a pot of gold you can easily make one yourself. Just paint a large box black - if you want a handle just paint a strip of cardboard and staple to either side of the box.
• Play Irish music to set the mood for your party

St. Patricks Day Party Activities

These are activities where no one "wins" - keep scrolling down for fun game ideas!

By using this key you can find party activities for Toddlers, Preschoolers and School-Age children.
= Toddler = Preschooler = School-Age

Table Activities - While waiting for all the guests to arrive have the kids color St. Patrick’s Day Coloring pages or do printable mazes and word searches (you could even turn this into a game… who ever finds all the words first wins!)
Shamrock T-shirts - Buy white t-shirts and use green and gold fabric pens or paints to decorate your shirts. You can use our shamrock templates or just draw them yourself. To make this easier for all your guests, especially the younger ones, cut shapes from sponges and just dip your sponge in fabric paint and apply to the t-shirts You can buy different types of fabric paint… glittery or matte, and you can also buy other embellishments that can be applied to fabric. If you are planning to do this make sure you have smocks for the kids to wear (a large plastic bag will do in a pinch).
Cookie Decorating - Ice shamrock sugar cookies with white or green icing and have white/green sprinkles or candy to put on top.
Piñata - Fill with St. Patrick’s Day trinkets and chocolate gold coins. As your guests arrive have them decorate a bag with markers and stickers to collect their piñata loot.
Irish Dancing - Teach some traditional Irish dancing

St. Patrick's Day Party Games

By using this key you can find party games for Toddlers, Preschoolers and School-Age children.
= Toddler = Preschooler = School-Age

Who ever wears the most green wins a prize
Four-leaf Clover Hunt - Hide paper or foam four leaf clovers around the house or yard. Who ever finds the most clovers wins a prize. You could also hide one leprechaun (a paper picture one or a doll) and who ever finds the lucky leprechaun wins a “grand prize.” You can usually find foam shapes at your local craft store or discount department store – or you can use our shamrock template and cut your own.
Coin Hunt - Tell your guests that the Leprechaun has lost all of his gold. Hide gold coins (either chocolate or cut from yellow paper) around the party area. Who ever finds the most wins! You can vary this by making a few silver coins (wrap in tin foil) and tell your guests that who ever finds the silver coins wins a special prize.
“Leprechaun Says” - Just like Simon says except it’s a leprechaun.
Horseshoes – since horseshoes are lucky
Green Scavenger Hunt - Have your guests find things that are green, who ever finds the most wins! Don’t try this game outdoors, otherwise your grass, trees and bushes may get attacked!
Coin Toss - The guest who throws the most gold coins in the pot wins. You will need a black pot, if you don’t have one you can paint a big box. You can use either chocolate gold coins or plastic ones (look in the dollar store). Draw a line from where participants need to throw from – make it closer for little ones and farther away for older children. You can also set a lime limit – who ever gets the most coins in the pot in 1 minute wins! As a prize the guests get to keep the coins they get in.
Irish Musical Chairs - Use Irish music and tape clovers on the chairs. Have guests do a jig around the chairs while the music plays.
Luck of the Irish - Hang Irish-theme pictures around your party area. Play Irish music and Have your guests dance a jig. When the music stops the guests must stand below one of the pictures. Pick a picture out of a hat and who ever is under that picture is out. Last person standing wins! You can find your own pictures or print ours. Use four pictures for an quick and easy game; use five or more to make your game longer.
Pin the Clover on the Leprechaun - Buy a version of this game, or if you’re in a pinch you can print our FREE printable Pin the Clover on the Leprechaun Game (print this on legal size paper – 8.5x14”)

Game Prizes

• Have a look at your local dollar store or discount department store for St. Patrick's Day trinkets like sunglasses, hats, bubbles, etc. Prizes could be anything green of course OR make your own prizes:
Pot of Gold You can make these even quicker and easier if you buy black cups, attach a black pipe cleaner to either end and fill with any “gold” type candy – like wrapped butterscotch candy, chocolate gold coins or yellow jelly beans. You can put your pot of gold in a clear bag and tie and green ribbon at the top to contain the candy until the guests leave.
Shamrock pins You can buy your own or make them with this salt dough recipe. Make your dough into shamrock shapes and paint them. Once dry glue a pin to the back (you can find these at any craft store) You could also personalize by writing your guests names on the front with a black permanent marker.

St. Patrick's Day Party Crafts

If you choose crafts that use paint and glue remember that they will have to dry before your guests leave. You can do one of two things to organize these types of crafts: 1) Do the crafts at the beginning of the party so everything has a chance to dry, or 2) Pre-paint anything that needs painting and use double sided tape or liquid adhesive INSTEAD of glue.

By using this key you can find party crafts for Toddlers, Preschoolers and School-Age children.
= Toddler = Preschooler = School-Age

Pot of Gold Collage: Save yourself some time by purchasing cups that are already black
Paper Plate Leprechaun. Make it quicker by pre-painting the beard and have the children do the cutting and pasting (or use double sided tape or adhesive if you don’t want to wait for glue to dry).
Lucky Charm Necklace String large pasta dyed green and paper (or foam) shamrocks
Shamrock Collage: Make it with old magazines and construction paper.
Paper Plate Rainbows: Make rainbows with paint and paper plates
Blarney Stones: Buy some flat rocks at your local craft or discount department store and have the kids paint them – you can buy green and gold paint and don’t forget glitter. You can buy glitter glue or buy loose glitter and sprinkle it on the wet paint (it will stick and dry on). If doing this craft with toddlers make sure you buy large rocks (to avoid a choking hazard).

If are going to do a craft(s) at your party you may want to do one ahead of time to have on display so your guests know what it’s suppose to look like. The best way to do this is have one of YOUR children do it – sometimes kids don’t want to do the craft because they don’t think they can make it look like the “perfect” example that an adult made.

St. Patrick's Day Party Food and Drink

• Remember that you can add green to almost anything. Food coloring can be added to drinks and dips. Check out your local grocery store or craft store for green spray food coloring – you can stencil clovers or just make lots of food green like hamburger/hotdog buns and bread.
• Put out lots of healthy GREEN snacks. A big tray of green grapes, celery, peppers, cucumbers and apples (you can buy the pre-sliced green apples that won’t go brown.) You can add green food coloring to ranch dressing for the veggies, and to vanilla yogurt for your fruit.
• Check your local grocery store, most have green guacamole tortilla chips: a fun green snack
• Cut bread/sandwiches into shamrock shapes by using a cookie cutter
• Pot of Gold Cup Cakes. Use chocolate cake and black cup cake liners. Use a black licorice to make the handle. Ice with yellow icing and top with any “gold” candy or chocolate gold coins.
• Make a Clover Cake with a heart shape cake pan. Make four hearts and put them all together at the points. Decorate with green icing and green M&Ms or other candy.

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