4th of July Party Ideas

These 4th of July Party Ideas will add some Bang and sparkle to this years party! We've got some fun and unique Fourth of July party ideas for invitations, decorations, games and activities and more! You can use these patriotic party ideas for presidents day, flag day or any other American-themed party!

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4th of July Invitations

• Draw red and white stripes on an index card, a blue rectangle in the upper left corner and star stickers on top. Write the party details on the flag. Attach a craft stick or straw to complete your flag.
• Write a note or flyer with the party details, you can use this FREE printable 4th of July stationary.
• Get the whole family involved by coloring these FREE patriotic cards (and envelopes) and writing the party details inside.
• Use our Uncle Sam Invitation. “We want you,” on the inside write “At our sparkling 4th of July party” and write the party details underneath.
• Use our blank scroll invitation and a calligraphy marker and write “Your presence is requested…”. OR print out our Printable Scroll Invitation and just fill in the blanks

Printable 4th of July Invitation
Uncle Sam Invitation

Printable 4th of July Invitation
Scroll Invitation

4th of July Invitiation Wording

• “Join us for a sparkling good time”… “It will be a bang, hope to see you there!”
• “Come watch the fireworks with us!”…. “It will be a bang, hope to see you there!”

4th of July Party Decorations

• Make this eco-friendly homemade sidewalk paint and decorate your driveway and/or sidewalk with stars and stripes

• Involve the whole family and color American-themed coloring pages to hang around the house or party area. Make your pictures look a little fancier by “framing” them - tape them on top of a piece of construction paper.
• It’s easy to make your own Spiral Decorations to hang around your party area. Paint the back of the plate. Once the paint is dry, start from the outside edge and cut around and around and around until you get to the center. Poke a hole in the outer edge and hang
• Make your own luminaries with white paper bags, put sand in the bottom to weigh down and add a small candle. Cut star shapes out of the paper bags, cover the holes (on the inside) with red or blue tissue paper so the candle light shows through
• Make Patriotic Paper Ribbons to hang along the windowsill, porch or balcony
• Make an Printable Flag Garland with this printable template and some string
• Make Party Balloons for decoration and for a fun activity during the party
Paper Tube Firecrackers. A quick and easy craft - pre-cut the shapes to make it even quicker and use double sided tape instead of glue so they are immediately ready to use (also a great craft for during the party). Place around your party area.

Homemade 4th of July Decorations

4th of July Party Activities

These are activities where no one "wins" - keep scrolling down for fun game ideas!

By using this key you can find party activities for Toddlers, Preschoolers and School-Age children.
= Toddler = Preschooler = School-Age

Have red, white and blue crayons/markers on the table and have the kids color their own flag. Staple or tape it on to a straw when they have finished. Make your own or use our Printable American Flag
While waiting for all the guests to arrive have the kids color patriotic coloring pages, do American-themed mazes and word searches (you could also make this into a contest: Who ever find all the words first wins a prize.)
Make this eco-friendly homemade sidewalk paint and have your guests paint a 4th of July masterpiece on the sidewalk or driveway OR use colored chalk.
Water balloons/squirt fights
Bobbing for apples
Cookie decorating - Make star shaped sugar cookies and have your guests decorate with white icing and red/white/blue candy
Bike decorating contest - Provide balloons, pipe cleaners, streamers, take a look at your dollar store for fun decorating supplies! Have the kids have a parade and give out prizes for most creative, most colorful, etc.
Patriotic piñata - filled with red, white and blue candy
Patriotic T-shirts - Buy white t-shirts and use red and blue fabric pens or paints to decorate your shirts with stars and stripes. To make this easier for all your guests, especially the younger ones, cut shapes from sponges and just dip your sponge in fabric paint and apply to the t-shirts You can buy different types of fabric paint… glittery or matte, and you can also buy other embellishments that can be applied to fabric. If you are planning to do this make sure you have smocks for the kids to wear (a large plastic bag will do in a pinch).

4th of July Party Games

By using this key you can find party games for Toddlers, Preschoolers and School-Age children.
= Toddler = Preschooler = School-Age

Classic Games like horseshoes, bocce, darts, ping pong, baseball (if you have the room), volley ball (use a beach ball), and don’t forget the traditional three legged race
Red, white and blue scavenger hunt - This can be played by individuals or teams depending on how many people are attending your party. Give participants a basket and ask them to find 3 red things, 3 white things and 3 blue things (change the amounts to suit). You can limit it to your backyard, or neighborhood or where ever your party location may be. First team or person who finds all items first wins!
Patriotic Pictionary or charades - Use index cards and write different famous American landmarks, people, places, etc.
Name it – Have the kids sit in a circle and take turns naming something that is red, white and blue. The first child names something red, the next blue, etc. Set a time limit like 5 seconds, if something can not be named then that person is out. Last person in wins!
Jumbo Patriotic Memory Game – Print out 10 pairs of American-theme pictures. Lay them upside down on the floor, mixed up, and have the kids take turns trying to find pairs, by turning two over at a time. Who ever has the most pairs wins! Use heavy paper like cardstock so the cards are sturdy (laminate them if you want to use them year after year). Use pictures of American landmarks like the Statue of Liberty, or famous Americans, like Uncle Sam… be creative! Find your own picture or use our American-themed coloring pages, just print 2 of each and color them the same!
Lucky American Game - Hang American-theme pictures around your party area. Play music like God Bless America and the Star Spangled Banner and have your guests dance around the party area. When the music stops the guests must stand below one of the pictures. Pick a picture out of a hat and who ever is under that picture is out. Last person standing wins! You can find your own pictures or use our Printable Lucky American Game.
“Uncle Sam Says…” – just like Simon says except it’s Uncle Sam
Flag Relay Race – Divide guests into teams. Have them pass a flag to each other as they race to the finish line. Make our printable flags with a this template and a straw.

Game Prizes

• Check your local dollar store or discount department store for American-themed trinkets. Bubbles, activity books, candy make wonderful prizes as do fun simple outdoor toys like hoola hoops, chalk and skipping ropes!
• Make “American Apple Pies” similar to this Sweetie Pie craft, but instead fill with apple flavored candy.

4th of July Party Crafts

Crafts are a wonderful party activity, kids get to create something and take it home after! However keep in mind that paint and glue has to be dry by the end of the party in order for the kids to take home their creations. So plan accordingly! Any paint/glue projects should be done at the beginning of the party. OR try some easy tricks to avoid this problem like using double sided tape or adhesive INSTEAD of glue; and pre-painting any supplies before hand.

Paper Tube Firecrackers

Paper Tube Firecrackers - A quick and easy craft - precut the shapes to make it even quicker and use double sided tape instead of glue so they are immediately ready to use (also a great decoration)
Paper Plate Noise Makers - Place popcorn or dried beans between two paper plates. Staple the plates together and have the kids decorate with paint/markers/stickers.
Paper Tube Kazoo – just paint the tube in patriotic colors and enjoy

Uncle Sam Mask
• Make this super cute Uncle Sam mask
• Make a cool cut-out version of the White House
• Get out your pocket change and some paper and make a Mini Mt. Rushmore
• Make a fireworks picture with colored Q-Tips
• Younger children will enjoy making this easy firework craft with a paper plate, paint and a marble

If are going to do a craft(s) at your party you may want to do one ahead of time to have on display so your guests know what it’s suppose to look like. The best way to do this is have one of YOUR children do it – sometimes kids don’t want to do the craft because they don’t think they can make it look like the “perfect” example that an adult made.

4th of July Party Food and Drink

• Traditional American food is a must! Hot dogs, hamburgers, potato salad.
• Blue corn chips and red Doritos are a festive, and colorful snack food
• Make a rectangular cake iced with white icing. Make a flag using raspberries/strawberries and blueberries
• White cupcakes decorated with blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, or any other red and blue toppings
• Ice cream sundaes – provide toppings for your guests, anything red, white or blue like sprinkles and candy.
• Rootbeer floats
• Star-shaped rice crispy squares. Use a cookie cutter to make star shapes. You can also buy “sticks” in the cake decorating isle of your local craft store and put your star-shaped rice crispies in a container on display.

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