Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Change things up this year and try one of our Easter Egg Hunt Ideas! Add a little twist to your hunt and make it fun for all ages! We've got some great tips for hosting hunts with different ages as well as some fun ideas to make this years hunt the BEST!

Planning an Easter Egg Hunt?

Make sure you tell your guests to bring an Easter basket. Have a couple on hand (check the dollar store) just incase someone forgets theirs. You can always ask your party guests to bring their own eggs (filled or unfilled).

Planning an Egg Hunt with Different Ages of children can be challenging. Here are some suggestions to make your hunt fair for everyone!

• If space allows, have different sections for different ages
• For smaller groups: write names on eggs or assign each child a color
• For Larger groups: Assign different age groups different colored eggs to collect. Hide the eggs for the younger children in very obvious areas

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

• Fill some eggs with candy or small trinkets and fill some of the eggs with notes that allow the child to choose a special prize. If a child opens and egg that says “Lucky Egg” or “Prize Winner” they get to redeem their note for a larger prize. Perhaps the grand prize can be an Easter Basket filled with goodies!

• Instead of filling eggs with candy fill it with our Funny Bunny Money. Print One Dollar Bills and/or Five Dollar Bills and have a small “store” filled with Easter trinkets like bubbles, crayons, small balls, glasses, etc., for sale and have the kids “buy” their Easter loot.

• Have an Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt. For example, Find 3 yellow eggs, find 2 purple eggs, find 4 blue eggs, etc.. Not only is this is fun, it's fair for everyone. You can easily make your own cards or print our FREE Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt Cards. Variation: You can use this method as well for a “math” theme scavenger hunt. For example: “100-97= this is how many pink eggs you need to find.”

• Have your hunt in the evening, use flashlights to find eggs, or paint eggs with glow in the dark paint (you can find this at a craft store).

• Give clues to find the eggs. For example, hide eggs in the dryer and write a clue to find those eggs; your clue may say: "The Easter Bunny may hop in here after he's been caught in the rain." In the dryer have another clue as to where to find the next set of eggs, and so on. Super fun, especially for older children!

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