Easter Party Food Ideas

We have lots of fun Easter Party Food Ideas to make your party extra special this year!

Lunch and Snack Ideas

• Bunny shaped macaroni and cheese (Annies)
• Annies also has bunny shaped crackers and graham cookies, check out your local grocery store
• Use a bunny-shaped cookie cutter and make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. If your cookie cutter is just a bunny head you can use peanut butter as your “glue” and attach raisin eyes/nose and pretzel whiskers.
• Use refrigerated bread dough to make bread bunnies. Make a ball for the head, press two long dough ears into the head; a little dough ball for a nose; and press in two raisin eyes. Bake according to package directions. (hint: the nose on your bunny sticks up higher than the rest, so when it cooks it will brown quickly. Use a tiny piece of foil to cover the nose during baking so it doesn’t get burnt!)

Fruit Bunnies
• Make Bunny Pizzas by cutting circles from refrigerated pizza dough (Pillsbury is great). Cut dough ears and press onto the circles. Cover with sauce, mozzarella cheese, olive eyes. If you are using Pillsbury dough keep in mind that your can bake the “bunny-shaped” shells the night before and save time the day of the party. Follow the instructions on the package and bake the dough for 8 minutes, let cool and store in air tight container in the refrigerator. The next day put all the toppings on and cook for 6 minutes.
• You can also use the refrigerated pizza dough to make egg-shaped pizzas. Cut dough in to ovals and use toppings in a pattern to make them look like Easter eggs.
• Serve a healthy snack (and a little sugar) at your party with these cute Fruit Bunnies. The kids could also make their own, eat it at the party or take it home!

Dessert Ideas

Mini Bird Nests
• Make some Fuzzy Chick Cookies with prepackaged cookies, coconut and chocolate chips!
• Make Brown Bunny Cookies with prepackaged cookies, pretzels, and candy
• Make some super easy, no-cook Mini Bird Nest Cookies (complete with Jelly Bean eggs)!
• Buy a bunny-shaped cake pan and make a bunny cake decorated with Jelly Beans and other Easter Candy!

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