Easter Party Invitations

Start your party off right with these fun Easter Party Invitations! We got some fun ideas for do-it-yourself invites as well as some unique FREE printable Easter Party Invitations!

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There are some wonderful "do it yourself" ways to make Easter Party Invitations. We've got lots of fun, creative ways to get the word out!

• Write a note or flyer with the party details, fold and stick inside a plastic egg. You can use our FREE printable Easter stationary

• Get the whole family involved by coloring these FREE printable Easter cards (and envelopes). Write the details of the party inside.

• Use card stock and cut out an egg shape, use markers or pencil crayons to decorate your eggs. Write the details of the party with a black marker or pen. Punch two holes at the top and attach a small bow with a short piece of ribbon to make it a little fancier. Cut your own OR, use our FREE printable template and write on your own party details. OR use our Printable Egg Invitation and just fill in the blanks and add the bow (see picture below)

• Use cardstock to print out this bunny template. Cut around the bunny and write the details of your party. Glue on some google eyes, draw a nose and some whiskers and glue on a cotton ball on the back for a tail. Make a small bow with a piece of ribbon around the bunny’s neck. OR print out a FREE printable invite with all the wording - just add the embellishments (see picture below)

• Use craft foam and hot glue to transform plastic Easter eggs into bunnies and chicks. For the bunnies use craft foam to make ears, feet and hands; use tiny pom poms or cotton balls for the nose and tail. Chicks are even easier to make - Similar to this chick napkin holder (also a great decoration/tableware for the party). Fold a note/flyer inside with the party details.

• Buy some tiny baskets (dollar store or craft store), fill with jelly beans and a note inside or tied around the top with the party details. Wrap with plastic (wrap or baggie) and tie with a bow to keep the contents in place.

Print out these Free Printable Easter Invitations
Just add ribbons and a face for the bunny!

Printable Easter Invitation
Easter Bunny Invitation

Printable Easter Invitation
Easter Egg Invitation

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