St Patricks Day Decoration Ideas

Our St Patricks Day Decoration Ideas will make your party planning easy! We've got lots of easy and fun ideas to make your party unique!

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You can buy St. Patrick's Day decorations or you can make some of them yourself. Do-it-yourself decorations may be a little cheaper, but they will also make your party that much more unique (not to mention it's just fun to make things!)

• Kids are always excited about an impending party; get them involved in the decorations by having them color St. Patrick’s Day Coloring Pages to hang around the house. Make them look framed by putting a piece of colored construction paper behind them and hang on the walls and windows! Start doing this a few days or week before the party, it’s a really inexpensive decoration and helps to focus all that “pre-party excitement.” Use our FREE printable St. Patrick’s Day coloring pages from our sister site.

• Make clovers or little Leprechaun footprints on your side walk (or leading to a pot of gold if you have one) with this eco-friendly homemade sidewalk paint

• Make homemade Paper Ribbon Decorations to hang below windowsills, porches and the balcony, of course use green, white and gold (yellow) paper.

• Hang these easy spiral decorations made with green paint and paper plates

• Make easy Paper Plate Rainbows to hang around your party area (also a great craft to do during the party)

• Make your own horseshoes to hang around your party area by cutting horseshoe shapes from cardboard and covering with tinfoil. Glue on a couple of small shamrocks or ribbon for color! Draw your own horseshoes or use our template to trace around. Make sure you hang your horseshoes the “lucky way” with the open end up.

• Make your own table confetti with green paper and a hole punch.

• Hang lots of green and white balloons around your party area

• If you don't have a large black pot around to make a pot of gold you can easily make one yourself. Just paint a large box black - if you want a handle just paint a strip of cardboard and staple to either side of the box.

• Play Irish music to set the mood for your party

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