St Patricks Day Party Crafts

These St Patricks Day Party Crafts will sure add some fun to your day, not to mention that the kids will have something fun to take home! It can be challenging to have a party for kids of different ages, so we've provided a key so you can find crafts for toddler, preschoolers and school-age children!

If you choose St Patricks Day Party Crafts that use paint and glue remember that they will have to dry before your guests leave. You can do one of two things to organize these types of crafts: 1) Do the crafts at the beginning of the party so everything has a chance to dry, or 2) Pre-paint anything that needs painting and use double sided tape or liquid adhesive INSTEAD of glue.

By using this key you can find party crafts for Toddlers, Preschoolers and School-Age children.
= Toddler = Preschooler = School-Age

Paper Plate
Pot of Gold Collage: Save yourself some time by purchasing cups that are already black
Paper Plate Leprechaun. Make it quicker by pre-painting the beard and have the children do the cutting and pasting (or use double sided tape or adhesive if you don’t want to wait for glue to dry).
Lucky Charm Necklace String large pasta dyed green and paper (or foam) shamrocks
Shamrock Collage: Make it with old magazines and construction paper.
Paper Plate Rainbows: Make rainbows with paint and paper plates
Blarney Stones: Buy some flat rocks at your local craft or discount department store and have the kids paint them – you can buy green and gold paint and don’t forget glitter. You can buy glitter glue or buy loose glitter and sprinkle it on the wet paint (it will stick and dry on). If doing this craft with toddlers make sure you buy large rocks (to avoid a choking hazard).

St Patrick's Day Party Crafts
Pot of Gold Collage

St Patrick's Day Party Crafts
Paper Plate Rainbow

St Patrick's Day Party Crafts
Shamrock Collage

If are going to do a craft(s) at your party you may want to do one ahead of time to have on display so your guests know what it’s suppose to look like. The best way to do this is have one of YOUR children do it – sometimes kids don’t want to do the craft because they don’t think they can make it look like the “perfect” example that an adult made.

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