St Patricks Day Party Food Ideas

Check out these fun St Patricks Day Party Food Ideas! It's easy to make your party extra special with fun green food!

• Remember that you can add green to almost anything. Food coloring can be added to drinks and dips. Check out your local grocery store or craft store for green spray food coloring – you can stencil clovers or just make lots of food green like hamburger/hotdog buns and bread.

• Put out lots of healthy GREEN snacks. A big tray of green grapes, celery, peppers, cucumbers and apples (you can buy the pre-sliced green apples that won’t go brown.) You can add green food coloring to ranch dressing for the veggies, and to vanilla yogurt for your fruit.

• Check your local grocery store, most have green guacamole tortilla chips: a fun green snack

• Cut bread/sandwiches into shamrock shapes by using a cookie cutter

• Pot of Gold Cup Cakes. Use chocolate cake and black cup cake liners. Use a black licorice to make the handle. Ice with yellow icing and top with any “gold” candy or chocolate gold coins.

• Make a Clover Cake with a heart shape cake pan. Make four hearts and put them all together at the points. Decorate with green icing and green M&Ms or other candy.

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